GFP-1 Passed with 100% in Favor

The first Guard Foundation Proposal (GFP-1: Whitelist Guard/BUSD and Guard/USDT Pools on Knightswap) has passed with 100% in favor.

It will now move into the implementation phase.

The Special council will work with the author to move through the next steps.

Thank you all for your participation in the voting process.

Remember to keep an eye on the IDEAS CHANNEL and join in the conversations or bring your own idea forward.

Blockchain and Web3 have opened up a new world of possibilities; including how communities can collectively accomplish extraordinary and meaningful things.

In an increasingly digital and disconnected world we believe this community can collectively facilitate connection and create a collective momentum toward meaningful change for humans.

The collective minds, votes and Guard treasury can make a dent - be a force of positivity in a world that drastically needs it.

It may take different forms as we evolve with the community, but the mission will stay the same: focus on helping humans (its not about the tech).

We can be a powerful and collective force for good.