NEW GFP SCHEDULED FOR VOTE - GFP-4: Blacklist Multichain Contract

There will be another GFP going to Snapshot

Tomorrow, February 8, 2024 @ 9 PM EST

GFP-4: Blacklist Multichain Contract

Just a reminder that Snapshot of wallets will be taken at time of submission and voting will commence after the 24 hour warm up period.

Thank you all for your continued support and participation in the Governance process.

Remember to check the announcement channel for any communication or events you might have missed.

Hello Fellow Guard Holders!

Looks like this vote has about a day left before voting ends. We are nearing the end of our platform build for Avanti3 and excited to bring thousands of new users into the Guardian ecosystem. It would make us feel a lot better if this proposal passes since there are only benefits in blacklisting the multi-chain contract and we are currently HQ’d on Polygon. If you know anyone else who hasn’t voted we would greatly appreciate you nudging them to get their votes in!


Thanks @avanti3 !!

We’re excited to continue moving forward and taking care of these type of proposals allows Guard to open up options for awesome projects like yourself!


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Avanti3 has spoken. Let’s get those votes in!

Just got back from vacation and will get the votes in.