Overview: The Proposal Process & Governance Structure

Hey all,

Here is my understanding of the structure that makes up governance, and also the whole process behind voting and making proposals.

This is to help bring everyone up to speed on both. The Proposal Process especially is a great one to get to know for if you are preparing to submit a proposal or participate in voting.

The overview of the Proposal Process starts at 10:10. Everything earlier covers the Governance Structure.

The Proposal Process is covered in writing here. This video is just my personal take on that same document and how this whole process works. It does not reflect the opinion of the Foundation.


For voting it says 1 Guard= 1 Vote. What about Guard that is in a LP? Will this somehow get captured or is it only unpaired Guard that will be counted?

And how would someone go about delegating votes to another Guard Holder?

I apologize if the answers are somewhere in here already. Haven’t made it through all of the discussions and content yet.


Hello thanks for your questions!

At this time Guardian Tokens that are held in LP cannot be used to vote on GFPs.

I’m not sure I understand your delegating votes question, but only Guardian Tokens can vote. So the only way, as I can see it to delegate votes is to transfer your Guardian tokens to another person/wallet.

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Great questions!

In addition to Nick’s comment, delegation is done via Snapshot. Here’s an example of delegation in action: Snapshot. I’m assuming we’ll have this functionality within our Snapshot page too.

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