Renew Raids/Farm on KnightSwap (KS)


KS currently has a farm for USDT/GUARD and also a corresponding KNIGHT for GUARD raid. This farm/raid is going to end soon and this proposal is to allocate the GUARD needed to renew the farm and raid.

Background: for a farm to exist on a decentralised DEXwhich omits the DEX’s native token (KNIGHT in this case), there also needs to be a raid/pool which omits the other projects token (GUARD).

In addition, KS also has a GUARD for GUARD raid which has ended and will need additional GUARD tokens for renewal.

Proposal Category

Ecosystem and Fund Allocation

About the Team

The KS team consists of individuals with a diverse skill set.

  • Wizard, Owner and Founder of KnightSwap. Runs a Development Firm that has full capability for Web 2/Web 3 projects from beginning to end
  • Frumpo/Lord Frumpsalot, Operations, Risk Analysis, Project Manager for KS. A Guardian of TGA.
  • RealJayDee, Backend Support Manager
  • V, Community Manager
  • Arrow, Graphic Artist


The main reason for this proposal is to continue the farm/raids on KS for GUARD.

Benefit to Guardian Ecosystem

The two main benefits are:

  1. Allows all GUARD holders to provide liquidity and stake in a farm on Knightswap and receive the Knight token as a reward
  2. Allows GUARD holders to stake GUARD and receive GUARD as a reward


  • KS Farm and Raid

Steps to Implement

    1. Provide GUARD Tokens to KS
    1. KS renews the farm/raids


3-5 days after passing proposal

Overall Cost

The overall cost will be $40 paid in (USDC, USDT, or equivalent in GUARD)

Guard tokens for the LP farm for 3 months = 19500

Guard tokens for the Guard to Guard raid for 3 months = 4500

The foundation will contract the developer from Knightswap, since they are familiar with Knightswap


I support this proposal. We need liquidity somewhere.


Sounds good. Let’s do it.

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The Guard for Guard raid is a nice benefit to holders so agree with this proposal


I’d like to see our relationship with KS continue as well. They have been a valuable asset for guard and guard holders.

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I support this idea!


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