Upcoming: Office Hours With Guard Foundation Special Council

Announcement from The Guard Foundation

We are inviting you to our first Office Hours call hosted by The Guard Foundation Special Council.

This event is scheduled for Tuesday, January 23, at 5:00 PM PST.

Audio Only Conference Call
:point_right: Dial-In Info: 1-206-307-0274 Conference Code: 854009

Our agenda and scope of discussion will include:

  1. Introduction to Guard Foundation Council Members:

  2. The Guard Foundation Mission:

  3. Current Ideas and Proposal Submission Process:

  4. Utilization of Snapshot for Voting:

If you have any specific questions that are in the scope of this conversation please drop them in the comments and we will try and get to them if time permits.

Your presence and input are vital to our collective momentum.

We look forward to your participation in shaping the future of our community!

The Guard Foundation Special Council


Looking forward to this!!

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Cant make the time, but looking forward to the recording

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Would love to attend but being in the UK this is 1am. Could I propose future meeting for my timezone/Europe … So that would be your morning. Just an idea (selfishly), will defo watch the recording of this one.


seconding that, would love a Europe-friendly time to be able to join!

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@OG_Joke @couragm4 …there are Special council members over seas that we have to account for as well, so we’ll see what we can do for setting up some different times.

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Would also love to join and hear everything live but have the UK timezone issue too.

If there is time in part 4 - I would like to understand the process of Snapshot more. I think there needs to be more clarity that the guard tokens need to be in your wallet and not in a raid for example at the time of voting.

Looking forward to catching the recording.


Also looking forward to this :slight_smile: Excited to get our community running full speed ahead again!


If possible can we use a more internet friendly method for these meetings in the future.

An example would be skype/telegram?

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Agreed. Or even discord stage or x space where speakers can be controlled. Phone is not a great interface. I realize it likely needs to be recorded and x offers recording as well.

Thanks for the suggestions about methods and platforms for the office hour calls.

The conference call method using the telephone was selected because of its overall safety and risk reduction.

Facilitating calls via a social media platform comes with convenience but also brings with it considerable risk.

The conference call platform we are using allows complete control over the speakers.

To be clear the Special Council acknowledges the drawbacks of using teleconference for these calls. Nothing is perfect. This is not a perfect decision. But it seems the best option available currently.

That could change in future as more information comes forth and better options come available.


Appreciate the explanation NickDoc!

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