GFP 7 - Official Guard Foundation Partnership with Spectral Signal - Brand Decision

Official Guard Foundation Partnership with Spectral Signal


Brand Decision


Led by a gaming veteran, Brandon, a Wolf Den Guardian with over 15 years of game development experience and deep roots in the Guardian and Wolf Den communities, our team is dedicated to creating immersive gaming experiences that seamlessly integrate blockchain technology. Our Co-Founder and Lead Developer, Jordan, also has 15 years of game development experience, ranging from native app store to VR and Unity development. He has also spent a significant amount of time at a code academy teaching children how to code. As advocates for innovation and education in game development, we are committed to building games that not only entertain but also educate and introduce new audiences to the NFT space.


Spectral Signal seeks to become an official partner with the Guard Foundation, bringing our gaming community into the Guard ecosystem. We plan to use strategic partnerships and mutual marketing to boost visibility and engagement for both sides. This initiative aims to leverage Spectral Signal’s upcoming game launch and collaborations with key blockchain players like Off-Chain Labs, Horizon Blockchain Games and Sequence to introduce Guard to a wider, gaming-savvy audience, driving both engagement and token utility.


This partnership will open up the Guard ecosystem to a vast network of gamers and developers, particularly through the Arbitrum network, enhancing the visibility and utility of Guard tokens and the Guard Foundation as a whole. Spectral Signal plans to invest in the Guard ecosystem by allocating 10% of the revenue from our Genesis Series NFT sale—comprising 6,626 NFTs and projected to initially generate $500,000-$600,000—towards buying Guard tokens. This investment will support our treasury and DAO involvement. Additionally, we plan to integrate Guard Token utility into our game, set to launch in summer 2024, further enhancing the value of this partnership.


Utilizing Arbitrum One and Nova chain for its scalability and L2 technology stack and Sequence Wallet for its user-friendly wallet solutions, Spectral Signal is poised to offer an accessible gateway for traditional gamers into the NFT world. Spectral Signal is built utilizing Unity’s cross-platform game engine and will be launching a Progressive Web App to target a mobile and desktop audience. Our commitment to integrating diverse NFT game mechanics aims to cater to a broad spectrum of gaming preferences, further enriching the Guardian ecosystem.


  • Seven days of open forum for community questions and discussions.
  • Official proposal submission and seven-day voting period on Snapshot.
  • Upon approval, formalize Spectral Signal as an official partner of the Guard Foundation.
  • Tentative March 14th Spectral Signal Genesis Launch
  • Summer 2024 Game Launch
  • Integration of Guard tokens in Spectral Signal games, with specific mechanics and benefits to be announced.


There is no direct cost associated with this proposal. The primary investment is in the form of collaborative efforts, community engagement, and strategic marketing to mutual benefit.

If you want to learn more about this, we are doing an AMA today with the Wolf Den. Space will be here: at 4pm PT.


As a gamer, I’d love to see more and more legit games being developed on Web3 and especially within the Guard FDN. Thanks Brandon for paving the way, looking forward to the launch


This is exciting that Spectral Signal is building on Guard FDN. I can see this developing into a great partnership.


If you missed the AMA with Sprectral Signal, check it out here:

Mind blowing what they are building.


Very cool stuff here, gaming and web3 is the next step!!


If you missed the live space by all means give it a listen. It sounds like the game is almost ready to roll.


This sounds awesome. Looking forward to the free demo of the game. I think they are really Hitting on something with the ability to create a community around the NFTs and Game Play. I also loved GALAGA back in the day . HAHA am I sounding old .


I’m looking forward to seeing this project take flight. This should be a great example of the type of project we want associated with the Guard FDN.


Proposal approved! I have the authority for that, right? :slight_smile:


Hey everyone. Thanks for all the participation! This post has been archived after the 7 day discussion period per the Governance Framework. New replies are no longer allowed. We’re moving into the Draft Phase! Follow this post as new updates will be posted below!

The proposal is now posted on Snapshot and voting will begin in 12 hours.

You can access the Snapshot and vote here.

Voting is now live.

Congratulations to GFP-7 making Spectral Signal an official partner of the Guard Foundation as per the community vote!

Thank you for your participation in this proposal.

The voting period has closed for this proposal and it has been accepted with a 100% pass rate.

The proposal is now following the steps outlined in the implementation section.

Once the proposal has been implemented, an update will be posted in this thread.