Guard FDN partners

As I understand it, the Guard FDN currently has two official partners - Spectral Signal and Base Case and Build. That being said, we have also hosted an interview with Avanti 3 and currently have reference to Wolf Den Labs and WDWP in the FAQ section of our website. There have been no official partnerships with either of these two companies that I am aware of.

I don’t say this to say that we should not be working with these companies. But from an official/legal standpoint, I am curious if there is any requirement for a business to partner with Guard FDN officially prior to interviews or AMAs or is this something the Council offers to raise awareness to potential partners with no commitment from either side. Is there a requirement to officially partner to further continue interviews or AMAs? Is there any commitment required or approval from the Guard FDN for a business to say they are “Building on Guard” or “Adopting Guard as X”. Is there anything required of a partner company once it is officially a partner in terms of status updates, update interval, roadmap requirements, etc? Final question, if not currently, SHOULD any of these be requirements?

I’m all about having Wolf Den Labs as a partner given that is where this foundation came from, but if they are specifically listed in the one FAQ question then I imagine that partnership should be made official through a community vote and reference to them moved to the partners section on the website.


think that’s a great point you brought up. I believe it was there originally to mitigate any confusion as there were these terms thrown around by the community given where we started from. It is listed under an FAQ section and not as an official partner and if Wolf Den were to be an official partner it would have to have a proposal put through and passed by the DAO.