GFP Quorum Claificafion

Can a Council member please clarify:

“ * The quorum requirement for a Live GFP will be 10% of the circulating supply of GUARD Tokens. Once quorum has been met, a Live GFP may only be passed with greater than 50% of votes cast “In favor”. A Live GFP which has not received greater than 50% of votes cast “In favor” will not be passed. A Live GFP which has met quorum and achieved greater than 50% of votes cast “In favor” will be deemed an Accepted Final GFP.”

Specifically “circulating supply”

  1. Is this LP + naked tokens or only naked tokens?

  2. When viewing a tool like dextools for the GUARD token and it indicates circulating supply, is that just the naked unpaired token?

  3. Will votes be Guard token (which is how I understand it) or LP Vote base? (From my experience in setting up votes, you can only choose one or the other token method during setup, LP or naked token, not both on the same proposal).


Jason thanks for the questions…

I’ll do my best to respond to the best of my knowledge.

  1. GFP votes are cast with naked Guardian tokens. LP tokens at this time cannot be used to cast votes with Snapshot for GFPs.

  2. Dextools and other token tracking tools, typically don’t accurately report data for tokens like Guardian. The items about circulating supply in the GuardDOA governance document are to account for situations where not all tokens have put into circulation. In the case of Guardian all of the tokens are in circulation. The circulating supply for Guardian Token is 50million tokens.

  3. This reads to me, the same question as #1. For now GFP votes happen in Snapshot, and only uses naked Guardian tokens. A change to this process would required a GFP.

***the above responses are the best I have to offer given my current understanding.