Make The "Guard Fan Club" Telegram Channel The Official Guard FDN TG


In my opinion, there are a lot of Guard investors inside Telegram and a lot of them have not been following along with the changes that the Guard FDN has brought.

This is not speculation but evidence based on conversations we have been having inside the TG the last 4 days.

It is the aim to use the tg channel to reduce the barrier into the Guard Eco System for all existing investors, and possible new ones.

I believe this move meets 3 out of 5 of the Core values of The Guard FDN:

  • Transparency: Processes and decisions are shared openly with the community.

The proposed TG channel will highlight what Guardians are about, an easy way for a Guardian to be helpful to others in ways such as sharing important & timely updates.

  • Collective Momentum: We share a collective vision.

After discussions inside the TG, I’ve seen Guard investors have a fire in their belly, keen to support and to be helpful where necessary. This will set up the next step and 5th Core Value of The FDN

  • Velocity: We move with purpose and direction.

Once we have a channel where everyone is on the same page, we can row with purpose and direction.

Currently the channel is owned by existing guard members, who I am sure will relinquish ownership to the Guard FDN.

I feel if we choose community members (in different timezones) to admin the group, perhaps make some SC admins too.

And we put some guidelines forth on how it should run;

Then this becomes a powerful asset for the Guard FDN.

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I like this idea for the purpose of wanting to establish accessible lines of communication for people to engage with the Guard FDN. We need to have a viable system for communicating updates and for Guard holders to engage in ongoing conversation.

Whenever a communication channel becomes “official” then it will need to adhere to all of the parameters set out in the Guard FDN Governance document.

I think there is a pull to make things like it was, rather make it what it needs to be.

Telegram comes with risks that need to be considered should it become an official communication channel.

Bots, DMs, Scams abound on Telegram. When we think about the future, new Guard holders will be exposed to all sorts of risk just by being a Guard holder, so I want to be careful about exposing to risk that can be avoided.

I would not be in favor of making any TG channel an official line of communication for the Guard FDN.

Discourse has a chat function, and it has the ability to for any Guard holder to post a topic to be discussed formally and informally.


What are the guidelines on how it should be run?

Who would be in charge?

In Tg channels especially ones that become infested with scammers, trolls, bots, would it really be a helpful way to share important and timely updates? Posts can get lost easily. People can come back to 100s of messages and feel overwhelmed to catch up or be expected to find the one piece that is relevant to them.

“Uh Doc there’s pinned message features.”

Let’s be real, if you’ve ever been apart of a lively TG majority of people don’t actually read pinned messages. Even when the answer to their question is right in front of them visible (as in the message right above theirs) they will still post their question.

A small collective of individuals who are passionate about a project and are dedicated to checking the messages are significantly easier to manage than a tg of 1000s

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I would be in favor of a tg announcement channel for the FDN. It could point to unofficial and official platforms.


Given the sucess of the unofficial TGA Facebook page I would prefer to see Telegram remaining as is an unofficial channel to pass along official notices along with unofficial announcements by members, gossip, memecoin pimping, along with wild ideas to be dicussed before a final proposal is made.


I would be in favor of an annoucement channel with no replies or chatting involved. In other words nothing other than the official announcement. In my opinion that would be pretty useless but everything on there would be properly vetted. Signing up here gives you email notice when new things come up.


An issue with an official TG for GuardFDn is it may create confusion in the marketplace vs a single location such as the current forum.

A HUGE (in my opinion) aspect that dwindled quickly is the comraderie and community amongst Guard holders.

Unofficial channels help foster that vs the more structured (and regulated) nature of official channels.


Thanks for sharing the idea Cosmo!

I’m wearing my community member hat for this comment, and not my SC hat, so these opinions are just mine as a community member, and don’t reflect the opinions of SC or the Foundation.

I agree with NickDoc and DocTheWolf in that Telegram is extremely scammer heavy. Linking GuardFDN to Telegram sets up a direct connection from the scammers to the Foundation, where when a scammer acts maliciously and scams someone, now it’s the Foundation’s fault, because it happened on their official “land”, and that increases the risk profile of the Foundation. It’s not if someone will get scammed - It’s when. If someone gets scammed in an official GuardFDN entity, that is really not good. I’d prefer to avoid this risk entirely by not making any TG group an official line of communication for the GuardFDN.

I agree with Scott and Jason that unofficial channels offer more flexibility than regulated, official channels. The tradeoff is that the community chats won’t be linked from the official channels, and as a result not everyone will see them (as easily). The upside though is keeping the foundation safer. In my mind, that’s a worthwhile tradeoff.

As Scott mentioned, notifications are already created via email, and keeping an eye on what’s new is pretty easy. It’s just a new place so we all had to / have to learn how to navigate it. Here’s a video of how I do it. I also installed the Discourse App, and that lets me get notifications on my phone whenever something happens. Here are the links to this app for both iOS and Android.

On the topic of announcements, if our goal is to attract more holders into the Discourse, there is a risk to them getting pelted with every single thing that’s happening in the GuardFDN. The reason being is if they see too many announcements that don’t interest them, they’ll simply mute the channel. This will cause them to miss all future announcement messages, and will not allow us to “market” GuardFDN to them. That’s a big risk, if the goal of the announcement channel is defined as “inspiring more holders to check out GuardFDN”, and risk is defined as “a holder getting annoyed and deciding not to look into it”.

Instead, it’s more effective if we just share the cool things. Doing this for a period of time will create a perception that GuardFDN is always up to something cool, and will motivate more people to go take their first look at GuardFDN. Just something to consider when planning what to share within an announcement channel.


Maybe its too early to say but until the guard telegram group opened up nobody except a few knew what was going on. Discord is dead, facebook is okay cant say too much but are the partnerships and guard fdn stuff being spoken or talked about?
Yes there are risk but nobody is talking on those other channels. Telegram is also known for crypto users and last time i checked guard is crypto. Crypto users hangout in telegram. The amount on dialog going on in the past week has been more than then ghe past 2 years.

My thought is do we want to provide comfort for existing crypto users or do we want to provide safety for future crypto users? We have to decide what is more important to us as a community. Making things like they were? Or making things like they need to usher in the future success of Guardian and the Guard FDN?


I like this idea as well. When I look at my own live I miss the checkup on the community. I feel the community is missing a low threshold form of communication.

We can close the telegram over night like before or make it for information purposes only. With some guidelines it should be possible to keep spammer out. I think the positive from a TG channel is bigger than the negatives.

I do not have a lot of time and I am no TG wizkid but am willing to play a part in maintaining this channel if that would be required.

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