Why delays with SC and Webslinger?

I’m Pulling this out of “chat” (not sure how it even got there but Nickdoc and another member or two have been engaging together)

and here again there is a grotesque delay in replies and transparently….transparency from the SC!

The long delays in replies, combined with insufficient responses, and proposal drafting to implementation process; is frankly becoming aggravating.

As Nic used to say, there is either something nefarious (malicious) going on behind the scenes or ineptitude.

Given that I know most the SC either via direct interaction or proxy, I know they are highly capable people.

That brings up the other possibility which I’d like to not believe is the case (but I’m being left with little evidence otherwise); or preferably we can get to the bottom of these issues; so the DAO can move forward!


  1. What was done by the SC re: approved proposals with Webslinger?

  2. What is the hold up with current outstanding (voted approved/passed) proposal completion? In other words, why specifically are there approved proposals that have not yet been finalized/implemented?
    (According to the Handbook, I believe Websligner functions as the project manager of approved proposals) so why is Webslinger not executing?
    (And/or why is Knightswap / Wizard’s dev firm not implementing?)

Link to chat question: Message #245 by RealJasonAnsley – #General


I think these are fair questions and they should be responded to. What is the holdup on this development? And why is there no way for holder to verify what is the status on the subject they took the time and effort of voting for.

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