Special Council Term

I understand that the inaugural special council has a term limit of 6 months, and subsequent councils serve for 12 months. Is it written anywhere exactly which date a term began, therefore when it ends, and at what point the process of nominating, voting for, certifying results, and onboarding the new council must take place? Also, who is responsible for said process?


Can anyone from the special council provide any amplifying information on my questions above? I appreciate your time.

Hello - The inaugural special council term started early November 2023. The 6 months would be completed sometime in May 2024. I’ll have to do some digging to get an exact date.

I believe it would be the duty of the existing SC to facilitate the nomination, voting, certifying results, and onboarding for the new council members.

Hello Nick. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

My guess was also that the term would end at some point this month or next. So that leads me to my concern and the reason for this post in the first place: what has been/is being done to facilitate the next election and ultimate onboarding of the next SC? If the term does in fact end this month, of which there are only a handful of days left, I would think this process should have been started well before now.

Further, it seemed to have taken 6 months or so to onboard the current SC. I don’t know if that will be the case for the next SC, but any time would further delay start of the next term.

Long story short, what is actually being done to facilitate the election and turnover of the next SC?


The process to recruit the next special council has not started.

The onbiarding process should take days not months. The Guard FDN is live and the process has been through its first interation. This should make the next interation faster and more efficient. Always alot for the unknown and unseen.

An announcement will be made in the Guard FDN Discourse channel when the recruitment is open.